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Q: What positions do a patient lie face down?
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What is a prone position?

A prone position is one you take when you lie on your stomach, face down.

Is the correct term balled face lie or Bold face lie?

Neither. Bald-faced lie.

How must the patient prepare for a cartoid sinus masssage?

The patient will be asked to lie down, with the neck fully extended and the head turned away from the side being massaged.

What causes a person to collapse?

all the blood goes to the feet and you need blood in your face, so when you lie down the blood comes to your face

Lie down or lay down?

Lie Down

What chest xrays begin with a letter P?

I believe you are referring to a PA X-ray, a Posteroanterior view. These are taken by having the patient facing the X-ray film. So for example, taking an X-ray of a leg: The patient would lie down face up, facing the X-ray machine.

Is it to lay down or lie down when resting?

lie down.

What part does the patient Stryker frame lie on?

Back then turned and lie on stomach

What positions of laying down is harmful for your unborn baby?

It's best to lie on your left. Lying on your right you can lie on a big blood vessel (sorry don't remember its name) and on your back you will be putting pressure on your intestines.

Does 'When you lie down you are' need a comma?

Yes, When you lie down, you are horizontal. When you lie down, you are probably needing to rest.

If you are sick what should you lie down on?

you should lie down on the chair because if you lie down on the floor you can get dizzy

How do you spell lie down in present tense?

Lie down or lies down.

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