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Q: What point star does sur13 represent?
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Is a star symbol gang related?

It depends on how u represent it. Yes the 5 Point star is gang related though. Gangs in the People Nation represent the 5 Point star, such as the Vice Lords, Latin Kings & Queens, Latin Counts, and Black P. Stones, to name a few.SIDE NOTES:The Bloods gang does NOT represent the 5 point star, neither are they in the People Nation, the Bloods gang is in the Blood Alliance, along with Pirus & Brims.

What does the commonwealth star represent?

The Commonwealth star, or Federation star is a seven-pointed star unique to Australia. There is one point for each of the six states of Australia, and the seventh point represents all of Australia's mainland and offshore territories.

What does the Converse all-star logo represent?

It seems that the 5 point star logo is a FreeMason symbol.

What does the yellow star represent on the Nevada flag?

The star on the Nevada flag is meant to represent the northern position it had during the civil war. Each point of the star represents each junction of Nevada.

Who are the gangter disciples?

They are gang members that represent the six point star and go to war with VL

What does the star and shield represent on the CIA seal?

The star or sixteen-point compass on the CIA seal represents the convergence of intelligence date to a central point. And the shield is the standard symbol of defense.

What does the large seven pointed star represent on the Australian coat of arms?

The seven point star represents the 6 colonies of Australia and the British empire.

What do hollow star tattoos mean?

What does a 5 point star tattoo, with all the tips filled in, but the center empty mean/represent?

What does a point represent on a graph?

A point can represent a piece of data or an (x,y) value.

Who decides what goods and services will be produced traditional economics?

SUR13 tls 404

How many points does the large star on the Australian flag have and what does it represent?

The large star on the Australian flag has seven points. There is one point for each of the six states, and the seventh point represents all of Australia's territories, that is, the two mainland territories and the seven offshore territories. For this reason, the star is called the Federation Star, or Commonwealth Star.

What does each point on the federation star represent?

Each point on the Federation star (also known as the Commonwealth star) represents each of the six Australian states. The seventh point represents all of Australia's territories, that is, the two mainland territories (Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory), and the seven external, or offshore, territories.