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In response to "That is a generic version of a Valium", this info is not correct. This pill is 0.5 mg of Alprazolam (Xanax) which is used for anxiety. However, Valium and xanax are both benzos and used to treat anxiety/panic attacks.

GG 257 pills are manufactured and distributed by Sandoz Inc, USA. They are a subsidiary of a Swiss company called Novartis, and are well-known for their high-quality generic versions of popular medications.

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Q: What pill is pink line on one side GG 257 on other side?
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What pill is pink with a line on one side and R and 33?


What is the name of this pill its pink. on one side is a line on other side is R 33?

I can only recommend that you try a pill identification wizard such as and if that fails contact your pharmacist or as the golden rule (when in doubt throw it out!)

What is a pink pill scored into quarters on one side other side has 1.5 and 252 imprinted on it?

cortisone pill for dogs - helps with skin issues

What pill is lite pink with ww 64 on one side?

Round pink pill with ww 64 imprinted on one side and blank on the other is Hydrochlorothiazide and lisinopril 25 mg / 20 mg.

What is Round pill for with MX32 on one side and a line on the other is Round pill with MX32 one side line on other?

another name for celexa. its a 20 mg pill. an anti-depressant. the mighty white-wall has spoken.

Round pink pill with 75 on one side and 3 lines on other?

I can't find find that exact description - round pink pill with 3 lines (actually 1's) and a 7 on the other side is clopidogrel (generic Plavix).

What is pink oval pill scored one side other side AHl 1?

That is Glimepiride 1mg, a drug for Type II diabetes.

What does Aurobindo mfg of simvastatin 40mg look like and what numbersletters are on it?

it is a pink film-coated round pill with an "A" on one side and "03" on the other side.

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Amoxiciliin. It is an antibiotic used to treat infections.

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The pill contains 5 mg of Oxycodone.

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The pill is Odansetron.

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what is the pill with a V on one side and a 48 over 10 on the other side