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It is the new oc that you can't crush or smoke.

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Q: What pill has op on one side and 80 on the other side?
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What does Oxycontin looke like?

Oxycontin comes in a couple different forms actually. The most commonly recognizable one however is a white round pill. They may also be tan, yellow, or green. Most of the time they will say OC on one side and the strength of the dosage on the other.

OC 80 pill?

80 mg Oxycontin

What does a 80 milligram Oxycontin look like?

It depends on which manufacturer made it. Teva brand are similar in color, but are shaped like a brick with round ends. Endo brand also are similar in color and shape, but they are thicker, and Watson brand look exactly the same, but say ABG on the pill instead of OC.

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Is 80 pd 158 a vicodin pill?


What pill is imprinted mylan 232?

232 are probably furosemide or Brand name (lasix). loop diuretics. might have an 80 on the other side which means its 80 mg pill. Rx dot com is a good place to check meds or drugs dot com. If you dont have the bottle it came from then you should throw it away or ask your pharmacist about it. It may be expired. Mylan 232 is is 80mg Furosemide (generic for Lasix) manufactured by Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc., US. Furosemide is a loop diuretic, so it reduces the amount of salt in your system by making you urinate more often. Due to this, excessive water is removed from the system and the load on your cardiovascular system, the liver, and the kidneys is lessened. The front side of the pill is indexed with MYLAN / 232 (divided by a score), the other side is debossed with the number "80".

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What pill is beige and has PRA 80 on it?

Innopran XL

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What does a Oxycontin Mg look like?

Oc 80s are like a dark greenish gray with oc imprinted on one side and 80 imprinted on the other

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