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This pill contains 10mg Hydrocodone (narcotic) and 325mg of Acetaminophen (Tylenol, analgesic). One to Two of these will give an abuser a desirable buzz. To a patient such as myself it provides pain relief that allows me to function properly without pain inhibiting my activities. Abuse and Addiction rate is high in America. These opiates (along with others in its class) are the #1 most addictive Rx drug available, next to #2 benzodiazepines (valium/xanax/klonopin) and #3 Adderall.

If you have found this in your child's room do what you think is best. If it were me I would ask them if they are experiencing any pain before bringing up the said pill and go from there. Chances are they may think they need it to get through the day. If there is no previous cause of pain then this is an indication of addiction/experimentation and should be addressed immediately without chastising the child. Addiction/abuse is a sensitive topic to users of drugs. There is more info on "Intervention" elsewhere on the net.

Opiates give users a sense of euphoria and energy not found in any other drug. Because of this sense of "well being" a user may truly believe this drug should be prescribed to them because of all the benefits and no consequences they experience. The problem is once a user does experience consequences it is far too late. One of the symptoms for withdrawal from heavy, HEAVY, use of this drug is indeed additional intense pain, making a true recovery harder to maintain. Many people function a 9-5 job at salaries above the average using this drug as prescribed but the majority abuse the drug to the point they experience the high.

If there is ground to stand on, draw a line in it.

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Q: What pill has a V and the numbers 3601 on the other side of it is it norco you found it in my kids room?
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