What physical signs do amphetamine users display?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Amphetamine users may exhibit rapid heartbeat, elevated or depressed blood pressure, dilated (enlarged) pupils, weight loss, as well as excessively high energy,

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Q: What physical signs do amphetamine users display?
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What are the symptoms of amphetamine use?

Amphetamine users may have excessively high energy, inability to sleep, weight loss, rapid pulse, elevated blood pressure, occasional psychotic behavior, and dilated (enlarged) pupils.

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Signs of methamphetamine usage may include increased energy and alertness, decreased appetite, rapid speech, dilated pupils, and repetitive behaviors such as constantly moving or fidgeting. Users may also exhibit mood swings, aggression, paranoia, and engage in risky behaviors. Physical signs may include skin sores, weight loss, and dental issues.

What are some behavioral problems when using methamphetamine?

methamphetamine users display signs of extreme agitation, excited speech, decreased appetite and increased physical activity. the body is abnormally "speeded up," raising the risk of convoltions, stroke and cardiac arrest. methamphetamine use can alter the brains chemistry, leasding to problems of memory loss, agresstion, violence and psychotic behavior. dameged brain cells and nerve endings do not grow back

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