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The eyeball is mostly made up of water and other materials. One fun fact about the human eye is that it is made up of 3 1/2 percent salt.

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Q: What percentage of your eyeballs are salt?
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How do you get the percentage of pure salt in rock salt?

This percentage is determined by chemical analysis; for some salt mines this percentage is over 99 %.

What are the percentage of salt in seawater?

3.5% to 4% is the percentage of salt in seawater.

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Eyeballs are not actually perfectly round objects in an organism's body. Eyeballs are rounded objects that are shaped like ovals.

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What percentage of seawater is salt?

3.5 percent salt and 97.5 is water.

What percentage of salt is in the salt lake?

The concentration of salt is very variable: between 5 % and 25 %.