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I would say about 30% because not most teens have cars unless their rich and I believe there are more poor teens than rich teens.

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2009-09-29 15:51:36
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Q: What percentage of teens hang with their friends less than their family?
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probably hang out with friends, eat, shopping, and maybe look at boys

Why do Teens go out on weekends?

because they aren't in school and they can hang out with their friends on the weekends and its a break from everything so they hang out with their friedns and go out on the weekends.

Party ideas for teens?

well most teens want time to be with there friends and escape from the house so why not go to the mall , movies , arcade or bowling with your friend so that way you can just relax and enjoy life plus many teens like to be trusted so why not let them hang out with there friends and then you could go out at a nice restaurant with the family latter on .

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Were is a good place for teens to hang out?

a good place 4 teens 2 hang out is at the mall or the beach

Friends made other plans for new year?

hang out with your family or find some more friends to be with. :)

Where do teens hang out?

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