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I would say about 30% because not most teens have cars unless their rich and I believe there are more poor teens than rich teens.

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Q: What percentage of teens hang with their friends less than their family?
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Why do teens go to mall?

probably hang out with friends, eat, shopping, and maybe look at boys

What do teens do in Ireland?

We do whatever teenagers do , we hang out with friends , go shopping , have oir stay at home days and all that :)

What should you do for my tenth BIRTHDAY?

spend time with family, then hang with friends.

Who is Justin Biebers fav person to hang out with?

Justin beibers favorite person to hang out with is his family and friends.

Were is a good place for teens to hang out?

a good place 4 teens 2 hang out is at the mall or the beach

Friends made other plans for new year?

hang out with your family or find some more friends to be with. :)

Why do girls to shop?

Because they find it fun, to go out with either friends or family and get what you want, with your money! It is also very fun to hang out there, with friends.

What does i want to go out with you mean?

Technically to hang out. But teens use it to have a girlfriend/boyfriend. Usually because it means "hang out", it won't be a serious relationship (teens), but there are more and more cases where teens do really go out for many years.

How come you consider your true friends as your family more then your real family?

for me i hang out and do alot more with my friends then i do my brothers, but just like my brother i would do any thing for my friends just as they do the same. it just a different kind of love.

Is it OK to hang out with your exes friends?

If you both had friends together then you have the same right to hang out with those friends.

What places should a girl turning 10 go to?

Go to the mall, hang out with your friends, or go somewhere with your family.

Why do teens hate school so much?

Because they don't like getting up early. They don't like the homework. And school is just overall boring. Sure, you have your friends to look forward to seeing and talking to, but what if you don't have friends at school, then what do you have to look forward to? Nothing. Teens rather sleep in, hang out with friends all day, and relax. School makes them stress, especially high schoolers worrying about what collage they get into.