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Approximately 21%

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Q: What percentage of air is composed of oxygen?
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What is the percentage of pure air composed of oxygen?


The percentage of pure air that is composed of oxygen percent?


What is the percentage of oxygen in earths air?

21% of the air is oxygen

What the oxygen percentade composition in air?

oxygen percentage in air is 20%

What is the maximum oxygen percentage at air?

Room air is about 21% oxygen.

What are 2 elements found in the air?

The air is primarily composed of nitrogen and oxygen. About 78% Nitrogen, Oxygen 21%.

What percentage of the air around is pure oxygen?

Air contains about 19-20% oxygen

Air is composed primarily of what 2 gasses?

Nitrogen and Oxygen

What percentage of oxygen can be found in air?

78% Nitrogen 20.5% Oxygen .5% Argon 1% Others for small calculations we take percentage of oxygen in air as 21%

Is there gas in the air?

yes, the air is gas, mainly composed of Nitrogen and Oxygen gases.

What percentage of air you axhale is oxygen?

About 18%

What percentage of inhaled air is oxygen?

About 21%.