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Osteoporosis is a skeletal disorder characterized by low bone mass, ... of

estrogen replacement therapy, from 3 percent to 7 percent per year, building to

15 percent ... a decrease in the replacement of old bone with new bone tissue

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Q: What percent of bone tissue is replaced each year?
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Which statement supports the fact that bone cells are smaller than bone tissue?

Each kind of cell has a unique characteristics such as shape, size, flexibility, color, and texture. Bone cells combine with other bone cells make bone tissue and so on.

Where in the body can the bone cell be found?

Bone cells, which are found within the bone tissue, are responsible for the make-up of the skeleton of vertebrates. There are different types of bone tissue in a bone that are made up of different bone cells: there is the compact tissue which is the hard outer part of the bone, the cancellous tissue which is all the spongy tissue inside of the compact tissue, and the subchondral tissue which is the smooth tissue at the end of each bone. Bone cells all work together inside of the bones to help keep up the skeletal system. The bone cells do many things for the skeletal system such as the development of new bones, the maintenance of bones, and the regulation of minerals in the body.

Ligaments and tendons are connective tissue that work with bones What job does each perform?

Ligaments connect bone to bone. Tendons attach muscle to bone.

What is the elastic tissue between each bone in th spine called?

The elastic tissue between each bone in the spine is called as intervertebral disc. It allows movement of vertebral bodies and also acts as shock absorber to the spine.

What specific kind of tissue covers each bone in a synovial joint?

Articular cartilage

Describe bone physiology and the bone remodeling cycle?

Bone is broken down and built up all the time. This occurs on the surface of all bone types. About 10% of bone is replaced each year. Osteoblasts build bone. Osteoclasts break it down. Calcium is needed for this process.

Are bone cells tissue or organs?

GROUP OF CELLS FORM TISSUE ..SO BONE TISSUE IS FORMED OF FIVE TYPES OF BONE CELLS. Bone tissue contains five basic types of bone cells. There are cells which are responsible for the response of the body to trauma and fracture, and those which secrete the basic chemical compound which bones are made of. There are cells mature bone cells and cells that break down the bone tissue. All bone cells have a particular function and each is needed for bones to retain their strength, develop, heal, and grow.

What is the hard tissue that contains calcium?

Bone tissue appears almost exactly like the cross section of a tree. Each individual tree represents the functional unit of bone connective tissue, or an osteon. The center circle is called the Haversian, or central, canal. The blood and nerve supply of bone (remember, it's a living tissue; therefore, oxygen is delivered to bone via red blood cells and carbon dioxide is taken away) runs through the Haversian canal.

What is the name of the strong flexible tissue found between the bones?

Ligaments are strong and flexible and connect bones to each other.

How does an osteocyte form?

Osteocytes are derived from osteoblasts, which are bone-forming cells. In general, osteocytes make up the majority of the mass of adultbone tissue in humans. Each osteocyte within the bone tissue is typically connected to others, which work together to help create a strong matrix of living bone.

What percentage of bone calcium is exchanged each year during remodeling?

3 to 5 percent

What is the function of tendon?