What people give each other.?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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People give each other gifts, among many other things.

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Q: What people give each other.?
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What do Australian people give each other as Christmas gifts?

Usually People give each other what the other person wants. Some people have a Christmas wish list of the items they want.

How can more people to respect each other?

people can treat each other with more respect by giving them respect back and having them know u can always give them respect if they give it back.

Do people from Switzerland exchange Christmas presents?

they give each other drugs

Do people give each other presents for Christmas in Brazil?

Yes, although poorer people don't.

Give one example of equality in the community?

Community is when people love each other.

7 people attend a party they each give each other a present how many presents are there in total?

Each person will give out 6 presents therefore there are 42 presents in total

Why do you give gifts to each other at Christmas?

you give people gifts because the wise men gave gifts to Jesus

5 apples give to 4 people?

Give each person one apple, then cut the other apple into four pieces and give each person a quarter apple. Each person will have one and a quarter apples.

How do guinea pigs talk to each other?

they give squeaks They Give the same sounds to each other to communicate that they give to you.

What reasons did john proctor give for why people accuse each other of witchcraft?

They want revenge

How do you get teachers together they seem to like each other please give reasons on why and how come?

You should not interfere with other people's lives. How would you like it if people did this to you.

How do people greet each other in Greek?

If it is someone they know they give them a hug and a kiss, and if a stranger a handshake.