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Leaves, they contain high amounts of chloroplasts that which is where photosynthesis occurs (CO2 + H2O --> (CHO)n + O2).

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Q: What part of the plant needs sun light?
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Are water and soil are all that a plant needs to survive?

no that is not all it needs sun light

What need to be present for a plant to do photosynthesis?

Sun light .Chlorophyll also needs to be present in the plant.

Why will a plant die if it does not get any sun light?

Yes, lack of sunlight prevents photosynthesis which is how the plant creates the sugar it needs.

Which part of the plant cell is responsible for trapping light energy from the sun to make food for the plant?

The leaf

Does a plant grow better in sunlight or light bulb light?

Depends on the plant some grow better in darker places but if it needs light go with the sun it's free

Which part of a plant cell helps turn the sun's light into sugar?


When you see a healthy green plant in the sun what is the plant probably involved in?

it is currently involved in photosynthesis. Sun light is a important part of this process.

Why is light needed in the process of photosynthesis?

Light is needed because the sun's rays contain nutrients that the plant needs to grow.

Does a plant grow best in sunlight or artficial light?

I think that the plant will grow better in the natural light because the plant needs to go through photosynthesis in order for the plant to grow and get it neutrons from the sun

Is it better for a plant that needs direct sun light to be put in front of a translucent or transparent window?

it needs usually a transparent window because the window traps the light.

What happens when you plant a plant in space?

The answer is that the plant would die Because It has the sun light but it needs oxygen and soil which is its food source to survive! NP.... :D

Will sunflowers grow in part shade?

Sunflowers will grow in part shade but it needs some sun light and water.