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Q: What part of the body is damaged by a sprain?
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What body part is damaged by a sprain?


Wwhat part of the body is damaged by a sprain?

wrists and ankles

How do you get a sprain?

you get a sprain by hurting your bone deeply. also if you just got a shot and you move that body part alot

How Long does a sprained or broken ankle usually take to heal?

It depends on the where you break or sprain a body part breaking of the leg or arm hurts more than a sprain but a sprain on an ankle wrist or fingers and toes is typically more painful than a break, Yes a break is more severe but a sprain can often cause more pain

If you sprain your ankle what systems of the body get damaged?

the ability of your ankcle to never sparin is gone because i know this once i sparined my ankle(the right one) when i was eight i only sprain that ankle and very raely do i sparain the other ankle(the left one)

What are the similar things in sprain and fracture?

a sprain means that you have jarred the injured body part. A fracture is when you dent or break the bone. A few weeks ago I buckle fractured my arm and it was broken on the inside of my bone not the outside.

What part of the body is damaged if you are paralized?

Usually, it'll be in the spinal column.

What type of sprain takes the most time to heal?

Grade I or 1st degree sprains take the least time to heal because they caused the least damaged to the ligament or tendon.

What part of the brain is damaged if a person is unable to maintain the balance and posture of his body?


What body part got damaged to cause Sir Peter Blakes death?


What part of human body gets damaged by beer?

the liver and if teen, liver and brain

What ligament provides support against a varus or inversion sprain of the ankle?

There are a few, but the one most clinically relevant (because it is the most often damaged in an inversion sprain) is the anterior talofibular ligament.the name of the ligament that provides support against a varus or inversion sprain of the ankle is the what?Deltoidlateral ankle ligament.