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The eyes are the same size from birth.

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Q: What part of body stays the same from birth?
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What body part stays the same size your whole life?


What is the only human body part that is the same size from birth to adulthood?

the eye

What part of your body is the same size from birth to death?

If you are referring to the size of various body parts, the answer is the EYES. They remain the same size from birth to death.Hope this helps.

What are change in your body after sex?

None, your body stays the same

Why is your mass the same on Earth and the moon?

Your mass is the amount of stuff that makes up your body. Since you do not leave part of yourself behind or add anything to your body, your mass stays the same.

What part of the wave stays at the same place?

The node.

What are Animals whose body temperature usually stays the same?

Vertebrate animals are able to stay at the same body temperature no matter where they live

Is the horses birth painful?

It feels the same as you would give birth. But it does seem to apear that when the foals shoulders need to come out (the widest part of the body) it causes the most sound.

Which organ of human body remain unchanged through out the life?

No boss its not like what you are saying, Eye's will remain same in size till to death from birth, this is what natures beauty.instead of this all organs will change there size. I don't think there is any body part or organ in humans that remains the same from birth to adulthood. There must be some form of changes if that body part or organ is normal.

What happens to the body temperature of an endothermic animal as its environment cools?

it normally stays the same

What other part of the body is the same size as the heart?

the body part is the liver it is the same size of the heart

When a gas or liquid is heat it's mass?

Heating gasses or liquids has no effect on their masses.