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you could take an h2 blocker. these drugs end in "dine" like famotidine which is pepcid. proton pump inhibitors end in "zole" like rabeprazole "aciphex". prilosec (omeprazole) and nexium "esomeprazole". I think both nexium and prilosec both have otc versions. prilosec being a little less money than nexium. Pharmacist are ALWAYS !! willing to answer questions. Dont hesitate to ask one when you have drug questions. Next time your getting groceries go by the pharmacy and let someone know you would like to ask the pharm a question. Also if you have a serious condition you should call up your doc and ask him what he wants you to take instead. there are slight differences between tummy meds and that's why you go to the doc in the first place and don't just diagnois yourself. Oh my stomach...hmm dine's or zole's. Pharm takes 8 years and doc takes 10 years, takes both to make sure you get right meds. cant just do a little ressearch online and make a good choice. gl

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Q: What over the counter medication can be used in place of Rabeprazole?
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