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Q: What organs are located in the right back?
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Where is your organs located?

Brooklyn, NY

Where are your organs located?

Your organs are located right beneath your stomach.

Where is organ located?

our organs are located on the right side and beneath our stomach

What is correct regarding the location of the spleen and stomach a both of these organs are located in the right upper quadrant b both of these organs are located in the l?

Both are located in the upper left quadrant. (B)

Where are the organs located in a flatworm?

where are the reproductive organs located in a flatworm

What organ is located on the lower right side of the body?

The kidney is located on each side of the lower back. Each kidney is approximately 4 to 5 inches long. The main function of the kidney is to filter the blood and remove wastes, control the fluid balance and balance the body's electrolytes. The collected waste is turned into urine which is removed from the body using the Urinary system.

What is located on the right side of your back?

I believe it is the right kidney

Where are the sensory organs located?

The organs are located between the ribs and the top of the hips.

Why is fat located around organs?

Fat is located around organs to protect them.

Where is the transfer case located 02 blazer?

it located right in back of the tranmission.

What organs are on your lower back?

There are no organs ON your back (apart form the skin). Your back is the upper OUTER surface of your body, your organs are inside your body.

Which organs are located next to the female reproductive organs?