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Urine is not composed of "organisms". Urine is the body's waste products, filtered out by the kidneys. It is 95% water. Many, many substances and materials can make up the rest of the volume of urine. Sodium, ammonia, phosphates, urea, sulfate, creatine, vitamins, amino acids, hormones, enzymes are some examples. If bacteria is present in your urine, that indicates you have a UTI; if there is blood in your urine, you've probably got a kidney infection, kidney stones...

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Q: What organism are commonly isolated from urine sample?
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Is the urine colony count an appropriate indicator of the need for an antimicrobial susceptibility test of an organism isolated from urine cultures why?

water than more wayer

How is a strep infection diagnosed from a urine sample?

Strep infection is not diagnosed from a urine sample.

Why is boric acid inside a urine sample bottle?

This is to preserve the urine sample until its tested.

From what specimen type would S saprophyticus most likely be isolated?

S. saprophyticus is the second most common cause of UTI - therefore you could isolate this from a urine sample.

Does menstruating contaminate urine sample?

It is very common for a person who is menstruating to contaminate a urine sample. Of course, contaminated urine samples are very common in general.

Does heroin and endone show in urine sample?

Both will show in a urine sample if tests are done to look for those drugs.

Can sabuxoen be detected in a urine sample?

Yes Suboxone can be detected in a urine sample. It can not however be detected in a standard drug test.

Why refrigerate urine?

The reason to refrigerate urine after collecting a sample is to avoid bacteria from forming in it. If a sample of urine will be taken to a lab within an hour of collecting it, then it does not need refrigerated.

How much urine do they require for sample?

Routine urine is 12 mL.

Does it effect you urine sample when you are menstruating?

No, your menstrual cycle doesn't affect your urine sample you provide to the doctor. When you menstrual cycle and urine comes from two different parts of your body.

What is best time of day for proper urine sample?

The best time of day for a proper urine sample is first thing in the morning. This is because the urine is more concentrated then.

Why do you fail a drug test if your urine is cold?

A freshly collected sample of urine will be near body temp. A bottle of someone else's urine (that does not do drugs) in your pocket will not be as warm. If the temp of a sample is very low, it is not considered to be a valid sample from THAT person.