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-Correction, urinary bladder, not brain

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Q: What organ is divided into identical halves by the median plane line?
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What organ is divided into identical halves by the median plan line?

The lungs, the eyes, the ears.

The Median Plane divides what organ in half?

Your brain. -Correction, brain is incorrect. The Urinary Bladder is divided in half by the median (sagittal) plane.

Is a transplanted organ a foreign antigen?

Yes, unless the organ comes from the patients identical twin.

The corpus callosum is one of the bundles of axons that connects the two halves of what organ?


Would there be identical cells in an animal organ?

No all cells are different

What are the organ systems in the medusa jellyfish?

Seahorses organ system is basically identical to that of other fish.

What major Organ is divided into4 chambers?

it is the heart

What type of organ transplant was done on 1954?

The first successful kidney transplant between identical twins.

How did Darius 1 change Persia's political organ?

he divided it into 20 provencies

What body cavity contains the esophagus?

The thoracic cavity is divided into right and left parts by a median partition called the mediastinum and contains the heart, the thymus, the trachea, the esophagus, and other structures such as blood vessels and nerves.

What name of the graft between identical twins?

the name of a graft between identical twins is called an isograft transplant, when the tissue or organ is prelevated from a donor genetically very close to the receiver, like an identical twin. Immunologically, it is closer to an autograft transplant, and some specialists even consider it an autograft transplant.

What organ is divided into anterior and posterior parts?

I dont' know, but I've heard it's the elephant.