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Q: What organ in charge of the work of all other organs?
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What other organs work with the esophagus?

Just a lucky guess.. The answer to "what other organ work with the esophagus?" is.. The "male organ?"

How is an organ different than an organ system?

An organ system is a groupe of organs that work together, and an organ is.... just one organ i guess. Organs are made from muscles that work together. :)

Do tissues work together with other structures to perform a function?

No. Tissues work together to make organs. Organs work together to make the organ system

What human organ systems interconnect on each other?

The interconnection of the diff. organ system is BrandiBell Pangatungan is Beautiful and Smart

How does the ureter organ work with other organs?

The ureters work to transfer excreted urine from the kidneys into the urinary bladder.

What is groups of organs working together called?

A group of organs that work together is known as an Organ System.

What do organs makeup?

Organs work in conjunction to form organ systems.

What is the term for organs that work together?

plants and animals have many organs that work together in an organ is

Which tissues work together to form muscles?

Two or more tissues working together is an organ.

How do organ systems form organisms?

similar cells work to produce tissues then tissues work together to form organs then organs work together to form organ systems then organ systems work to form organisms!

What is a group of organs that work together to achieve a specific function?

A group of organs that work together to achieve a specific function is an organ system.

When different organs work together they from?

organ system