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Q: What organ can you donate for money?
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Are eyes good organ dontaters?

In response to your question you should know you can not donate an eye however you can donate the lens of the eye. It is a good organ to donate and can help many people.

Can you sell any organ for money?

Well , I personally THINK that it is illegal to sell an organ of your body to get money , but u you can donate your organ to somebody or patients in hospitals .PS : Make sure that your donation won't go a waste . Some people may lie and use sell your donation for gangs and these stuff .

Does Paris Hilton donate her money?

Yes she does donate her money, but rarely does she do it.

Is there an age limit for organ donation?

The organ donor does not have to be the same age as the organ receiver. Whether or not a person can donate an organ depends on physical condition,

Organ donation is it a sin?


WHAT IS THE REASON FOR more organ transplantsts then donors?

One donor can donate more than one organ.

Where to donate money?

You could donate money to Red Cross who is helping out with Japan at the moment.

How do kids donate money to the WWF?

get your parent to donate for you.

Did Beyonce donate to haiti?

beyonce had donate money to haiti

How would one go about donating money to a charity?

One can donate money to any number of charities by phone, online or in their charity shops. One can can donate money or donate items such as clothing.

What can you do to help Japan after its earthquake and tsunami?

You could donate money, and your money will be used to buy water bottles ect. Donate to the Red Cross!!And yes donate!!

Do organ doners get paid?

No, organ donors do not receive payment for donating organs. Donation is a voluntary and altruistic act that is done to save lives and improve the health of others. Donors' families may incur some costs related to the donation process, but donors themselves do not receive any financial compensation.