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In their natural form the wholegrain cerealscontain the following nutrients:

  • vitamins, mainly B group vitamins including folate
  • minerals, such as iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus and zinc
  • carbohydrates in the starch form
  • fats in small quantities
  • proteins
  • antioxidants, mainly Phenolic compounds
  • phytochemicals like Lignans, Phytic acid, Saponins, phytosterols, squalene, oryzanol and tocotrienols.

When cereals are refined by removal of the bran and germ, mostly carbohydrates remain in their endosperm.

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Q: What nutrients do cereals contain?
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Where do grasshoppers get there nutrients from?

they get there nutrients from grass ,leaves ,cereals

Which nutrients are supplied by cereals and pulses?

Cereals- Carbohydrate Pulses - Protein

Why do your bodies need cereals?

Cereals contain carbohydrates, which provide the body with an easily metabolized source of energy. Different cereals will also contain fiber, sugar, and various vitamins and minerals as well.

Do all cereals contain iron?

most of them have iron in them

What breakfast cereals contain barley?

In order to know which cereals have wheat germ one must read the ingredients on the side of the package carefully.

Cereals does not contain vitamin c or iron?

it have vitamin c

Is life cereal a carbohydrate?

All cereals contain carbohydrate.

What Cereals contain wheat?

Weet-bix Cheerios Raisin bran

Do Tropical soils contain lots of nutrients?

No, they do not. They are "old soils" and contain very few nutrients.

Which part of the body do cereals keep healthy?

Cereals provide carbohydrates (they fuel your body), they provide some protein (restores your cells and muscle) and they contain dietary fiber (will help your body to digest food). They also contain various B vitamins, that play important roles in cell metabolism. Cereals are very healthy! (And I'm not talking about breakfast cereals such as froot loops, but about cereals like muesli and such)

Are cereals a compound mixture or element?

Cereals are the parts which contains stored food in plants. They can contain starch or lipids. So they are a compound mixture.

Why are grains carbs?

The processed the food the less in nutrients they become. Cereals are considered a processed food.