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Q: What nationality burps after the meal to show appreciation?
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How do you show you appreciate the chefs food in japan?

Burping after a meal in Japan is how to show appreciation for the meal. I know, gross to us Americans, but a compliment in Japan.

What are some ways to show hospitality in the church?

Greet people, provide refreshments, sincerely try to get to know people, invite people to events or gatherings, show appreciation to those to return. Invite people to a meal!

How can you show our appreciation to the environment?

I can show my appreciation by taking care of it,paticipating in activities that help the environment,showing respect and loving it.

What note to show appreciation for a gift?

what is the answer

How can someone show appreciation to another person?

You can show appreciation to someone else by treating them nicely. If they show that they love and care about you, you should do the same things through your actions.

What is a synonym for thank?

to show appreciation or gratitude

How did Incas show their appreciation of quinoa?

by sacrifices

Why you celebrate teachers day?

Teacher's Day is a day to show appreciation to teachers for all they do. Teacher Appreciation Week is during the first full week of May. Show appreciation to your teachers- they give the gift of education.

How many times does spongebob burps in the show?

There is no set number of times that SpongeBob burns in a single show. Sometimes he does not burp at all.

Why do they wear bright color in India?

so they can show there feelings and show appreciation.

How does one show appreciation of Philippine drama?


How do you do literary appreciation?

There are a couple of ways you could show literary appreciation. You could write a poem or story for example.

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