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Food and nutrition

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Thanks and for anyone knowing this its for (APEX).
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Amount of sleep: apex

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Q: What most directly impacts a persons physical health?
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Which of these most directly impacts a person's physical health?

Which of these most directly impacts a person’s physical health?

I am doing an entry and its due tues. Is a persons physical health related to mental health?


Why is your comfort important?

My comfort is important because it directly impacts my well-being and ability to function optimally. When I am comfortable, I am more relaxed, focused, and able to handle stress and challenges better. It contributes to my overall mental and physical health.

Physical health problems experienced by victims of trafficking in persons can include?

Broken bones and Respiratory Problems

What is mental and physical health?

Physical health is a persons physiological condition, relative to 'healthy' individuals of similar age, gender, etc...; this includes all organs including your brain. While a persons mental health deals with one's psychological function and condition relative to those psychologically 'healthy'. One who is physically healthy is not always mentally healthy, and visa versa; although there usually is a positive correlation between a person's physical and psychological well being.

Why would a persons self-esteem affect his or her health?

because low self-esteem comes from a bad diet, which is bad for a person's physical and mental/emotional health!

How do social and physical health affect mental and emotional health?

Social and physical health can have significant impacts on mental and emotional health. Positive social connections and support can improve mental well-being, while social isolation can lead to feelings of loneliness and depression. Engaging in regular physical activity can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as improve overall mood and self-esteem. Conversely, physical health problems can contribute to mental health issues like stress and anxiety.

What impacts the health of the soil?


An infant's temperament refers most directly to its?

Out of A. ability to learn. B. physical attractiveness. C. emotional excitability. D. physical health The answer is C

A sentence using substance?

Substance abuse can have serious and long-lasting impacts on a person's physical and mental health.

What is the most important domain to the human's life?

It is difficult to pinpoint a single most important domain, as different aspects contribute to overall well-being. However, many would argue that health is a critical domain, as it directly impacts a person's ability to function and enjoy life to the fullest. Prioritizing physical and mental health can lead to a more fulfilling and balanced life.

What does a public health nutritionist do?

Nutritionists are responsible for helping people increase their physical and mental health through foods or special diets. They have extensive knowledge about nutrition, how it impacts people, and how it can prevent or treat certain illnesses.