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Q: What month do people sleep the least?
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What month are the least people born in?

February - because it's the shortest month!

What is the least number of people that should group together so that at least 2 of them were definitely born on the same month?

13 is the smallest number of people that will guarantee that at least two of them were born on the same month.

What month is the month that less people are born in?

Probably February because it has the least days.

Do monarch butterflies sleep?

yes for 4 month

What month has the least birthdays in it?

At least twenty people are born around the Earth every day. so the least would be February.

Which month has the least days?

the month which has least days is february

What is the least popular month of a birthday?

the least popular month is february because it has the least amount of days.

Least common birth month?

February is the least common birth month, with the fewest number of people being born during this month. This can be attributed to its fewer days compared to other months and the impact of holidays like Valentine's Day.

What month do people eat the least?

It should be July. It's the end of the financial year and people are normally hibernating and sipping soups even though there is a push on Christmas being on this month.

What month are least babies born?

Usually babies are least born in the month of "MAY".

How come you sleep?

To rest your body. If u didn't sleep, you'd die in a month!

In Which month is the least amount of milk sold in Australia?

in what month is the least amount of milk sold in austrailia? in what month is the least amount of milk sold in austrailia?