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ciliary body
ciliary body

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Q: What modification of the choroid that controls the shape crystalline lens?
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What modification of the choroid that controls the shape crystalline lens that is not present in humans is found in cow's eyes?

I believe the answer is tapetum lucidium. It is a specialized surface that reflects the light within the eye and is found in the eyes of animals that live under conditions of low-intensity light. It's not found in humans.

What is the crystal shape of a pearl?

Pearls are not crystalline and don't have a crystal shape.

What is the natural shape of a mineral?

The natural shape of a mineral would be its crystalline structure.

What is the shape the ionic compounds create?

Crystalline structures generally.

Why crystalline solids have sharp melting points whereas amorphous do not?

"As the atoms of Crystalline solids have specific shape and same distance,so they have same K.E,intermolecular forces of attraction and geometrical shape due to which Crystalline solids are blessed sharp melting points."

Which of these is the shape of a crystal of NaCl?

Face-centered cubic crystalline structure.

What is shape of sodium chloride?

The crystalline structure is face-centered cubic.

What is natural shape of a mineral called?

That would be it's crystalline form.

Which has a definite volume and indefinite shape gas or liquid?

Super-cooled liquidsA gas takes the shape of its container and fills it, as well. A liquid takes the shape of its container but doesn't fill it necessarily. A solid has a definite volume and shape and usually, but not always, exhibits a crystalline structure. Solids that do not have a crystalline structure are sometimes called "super-cooled liquids" because liquids have no crystalline structure. Glass is a good example of a solid that has no crystalline structure.

What is obsidians grain shape?

Pure obsidian actually has a glassy texture (grain), with no discernible crystalline structure.

Is a diamond an amorphous solid or a crystalline solid and why?

Yes, a diamond cut into a shape to fit into a ring is a example of a crystalline solid

Why opal water and mercury are not true minerals?

Minerals by definition are solid, naturally occurring inorganic materials with a definite shape and crystalline structure. Opal water and mercury are both liquids lacking a definite shape and crystalline structre.