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If you are referring to the two major U.S. parties - Republican. Of the two, Republican would be closest to any political view of that era.

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Q: What modern-day political party is Federalist similar to?
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When was federalist party found?

The federalist party was the very first political party in the United States. The federalist party was founded in 1792.

What was the shortest lived political party?

The Federalist party

First political party in US was?

The Federalist Party.

What political party was destroyed by the Hartford Convention?

The Federalist Party.

What political party faded after war of 1812?

The Federalist Party

Which political party did Adams first belong to?

He was a federalist.

What is the federalist political party symbol?

The Union Cockade

What political party was president John Adams?


What political party did George Washington representatives?


What political party support the national bank?


What political party to john Adams switch to?

He switched to Democratic- Republican. He first belonged to the Federalist Party.

Once prominent political party that effectively died by 1820?

Federalists were a prominent political party that died by 1820. With the federalists gone it left only the republican party in the United States.