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Dog, Child, Book

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Q: What might a man bring with him to the park as a way of meeting women?
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What might a man bring to the park as of a way of meeting women?

Dog, Child, Book

Are you aloud to bring a baseball bat into Commerica park?

I don't believe you can bring a baseball bat into commerica park because of the crowds and you might end up accidentally hurting someone.

Can you bring bring drinks and food into Discovery Meadow park in San Jose?

The answer appears to be yes. See the FAQs link below. You might want to explore the rest of their website for further information about the park, facilities, and events.

You are Taking a scooter to a skate park will the people there make fun of you?

They might do, but at my local skate park a few people bring them anyway. And seeing as they're pretty good on them the don't seem to get laughed at If noone at your local park does bring scooters they might make fun of you, yeah. But if you're good, and can show them up, you're doing good :P

Where is the best place to find single ladies?

The simple answer to meeting women is everywhere. Most men try to find women in bars, but there lots of places to meet women. Work, school and church are common places to encounter friendly women. A walk in the park with your dog is also a great place.

When was Women's Park of Borujerd created?

Women's Park of Borujerd was created in 2001.

What is the past continuous tense of meet?

The past continuous tense of meet is "was meeting" or "were meeting." For example, "He was meeting his friend for lunch" or "They were meeting at the park."

What to do when a girl is in boys restrrom or locker room?

That happened to me at our park. Single dads or dads with their kids who are daughters bring them into the locker room with them. You just have to accept it just like women do when moms bring their kids who happen to be boys.

How can you use suggestive in a sentence?

1. They were thinking of a place to hold the next meeting and I suggested the Park hotel.2. We will accept your suggestion and hold the next meeting at the Park hotel.

Can you bring a ds inside Six Flags?

Yes, but I suggest you do not because you might lose it. It's a big park, and you might leave it somewhere, or you could put it in your poket and it will fall out while you are walking, or while you are on a ride. So, you could bring a DS, but you shouldn't because of the risk of losing it.

Can I bring my dog to the park?

it depends on the park. some parks you can, others, you cant

What would a ex boyfriend do if he invites you to his house?

If you are in any doubt, refuse to go. An alternative might be to meet in a public place like a park, or bring someone else with you.