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Naproxen 250mg

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2012-03-10 19:02:47
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Q: What medicine comes in a round yellow tablet with 250 0538 on it?
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What medicine comes in a round yellow tablet and says Watson 820?

Watson 820, yellow, round. This pill is percodan which is oxycodone/aspirin.

What medicine comes in a round orange tablet and says DAN 5553?

Doxycycline hyclate - an antibiotic

Round yellow tablet with TL 177 inscribed on it?

cyclobenzaprine 10mg tablet.

What do you call a small round block of medicine?

You call a small round block of medicine a TABLET. XD! 8D!

What tablet comes as a yellow round one with A321 on one side and R with a cresent moon on the other?

Metronidiazole an Antibiotic generally used after dental surgery. A321 is tablet form in 400mg dose.

What tablet is yellow and has CDB written on it its round and about half an inch in diamiter?


What is yellow round tablet MR150?

It is probably Ranitidine 150mg (an antacid) Benjamin

What is a round yellow ecstasy pill with a lady on them?

It's an ecstasy tablet, as should be obvious.

Lisinopril has Watson 409 on one side and round yellow tablet?

For the last year my Lisinopril has been a small round reddish pink pill. Most recently, my prescription was filled with a small yellow pill that says 'Watson'. I took it back to the pharmacy. They assured me it was the same medicine, but made by a different manufacturer.

What kind of pill is small yellow round pill with 6 or 9 on one side and 949 on the other side?

yellow tablet 949

Are the words pill and tablet similar in their meanings and which one is more preferable when talking about medicine?

The words pill and tablet are similar in their meanings. They are compressed solid substances. Tablet is the broader term; it can be round or cylindrically shaped. A pill is round or disc shaped. Typically pills and tablets are measured amounts of a drug or vitamin. Both words are freely used in medicine and nutrition.

What does a 5mg diazepam tablet look like?

Round, yellow 5 on one side and aline on the other side

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