What medications make you sweat profusely?

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beta blockers

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2012-09-05 12:30:05
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Q: What medications make you sweat profusely?
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Do crack make you sweat?

Yes, crack cocaine will make a user sweat more profusely through the pores of the skin.

What is the adverb of sweat?

Profusely or large quantities

What is the definition of broozle?

to sweat or perspire profusely

How do you put perspiring in a sentence?

When you perspire, your sweat glands secrete sweat to cool your body.

New Pill to Remove sodium from body?

just let your body sweat out. In what way, fill the rice cooker of water at the middle, then boiled it profusely, then sniff the hot vapor & expose your body of the hot vapor, sweat out profusely covering yourself of blanket for at least 30 minutes.

What type of Physical advantage enable early humans to adapt to their environment?

The ability to sweat profusely to stay cool

Does blueberries clean out your system?

No. They are fantastic for you but the only way to rid your body of THC (marijuana) is to exercise and sweat profusely.

Can the equator effect your bodies?

Yes. If you spend too much time too close to it, you begin to sweat profusely.

Why do you feel extremely hot and sweat profusely with little exertion all the time?

that doesn't sound good, visit the doc

Why do you sweat profusely in humid day?

we don't sweat more but what actually happens is that sweat gets retained on our body. On humid days air is already containing lot of moisture which prevents evaporation of sweat from our body and thus is retained on the body, which inturn makes us to feel warmer.

What can you do about butt sweat?

You should consult a doctor if it sweats too much or get some medications from your doctor. If you do not want to pay for medications, use a old towel to wipe it up. Make sure to wash it!

How long does cocaine stills in your urine?

Cocaine stays in your urine for three days. If you want it out sooner sweat profusely for two days after consumption.

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