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Pharmacological intervention is the first line treatment of Bipolar disorder. The first line treatment is Lithium but you may find you need to take medications from a number of categories. Anticonvulsants such as valoporate(Depakote) used for those with a rapid cycle, Antipsychotics both typical and atypical such as lithium, and olanzapine being the most common. Care should be taken when using antipsychotics for extrapyramidal side effects. Finally Benzodiazapines. Benzodiazapines are a CNS depressant and produce sedation and sleepyness, are used to control manic symptoms until mood stabilizers take effect, these are diazapam, lorzepam, and clonazepam. These drugs may be addictive and efficacy may be reduced over time as the body adapts to the drug. No medications should be taken without the prescription and advice from a Medical Practitioner.

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Medication for bipolar disorder is difficult because it's like treating two different mental illnesses. Most people take mood stabilizers like Lithium to make to highs and lows not as extreme.

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There are many types of medications which can be used to treat bipolar disorder symptoms but there are three main types. The three main types include mood stabilizers, antidepressants, and antipsychotics.

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Abilify - Aripiprazole

Seroquel - Quetiapine

Zyprexa - Olanzapine

Lithobid - Lithium

Risperdal - Risperidone

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Q: What medications can be used to control bipolar disorder symptoms?
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How do you curse Bipolar Disorder?

I hope you meant "cure." Bipolar disorder is incurable, but, however, there are medications that do help control many of the symptoms.

You are in the navy and have just been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder im going to be put on meds what can you expect to happen to you career wise?

If you can control your Bipolar Disorder with the medications, chances are that you can stay in the Navy. However, if your Bipolar Disorder becomes uncontrollable, then there is a possible chance that you cannot be in the navy. There isn't much that can be said because it all depends on how well you can control the Bipolar Disorder with your medications.

What is lamictal used for other than seizure control?

It can also be used to control symptoms in bipolar disorder.

Can bipolar disorder be controlled?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It really depends on the person, their history with sexual relationships, and how much control that person has in other areas as well.

Does birth control affect bipolar disorder?


Does marijuana cause Bipolar disorder?

Anything can be used as an excuse for illegally smoking marijuana. There are a few studies related to marijuana and bi-polar conditions, but I am not aware of anything conclusive that has been published.

What do you do if you think you have bipolar disorder?

You need to schedule an appointment with a psychotherapist or psychologist. Only these doctors can diagnose any psychological disorders that you may be suffering from, or determine what is causing your symptoms. See the related link below to a website that has more information about bipolar disorder, including support groups and answers to common questions. Only a doctor of psychology can diagnose bipolar disorder. If you have bipolar disorder, you may be prescribed medication to keep it under control.

How does one cure bipolar disorder?

There is no cure for bipolar disorder. However, it can be treated, often with psychotherapy, and a variety of drugs such as lithium. With proper treatment, people who suffer with bipolar disorder can lead full and ordinary lives.

What are the symptoms of manic depression and how can I look online for information?

Manic depression is a bipolar disorder. Some systems are; poor judgment, poor temper control, easily distracted and little need for sleep. Go to,, for more info.

About Bipolar Illness?

Bipolar disorder or bipolar illness is a mood disorder. Individuals who suffer from this disorder have mood changes from severe excitement or mania to extremely low periods of depression. The mood swings can last for short time periods or for several months at a time. This disorder is sometimes difficult for professionals to diagnose because of the symptoms. Doctors sometimes misdiagnose people with major depressive disorder during a bipolar depressive episode. On the other hand, they sometimes diagnose people with anxiety during a manic episode. In order for an individual to receive a proper diagnosis for bipolar disorder, he or she must fit certain criteria.Types of Bipolar DisorderThere are three types of bipolar disorder: type I, type II, and cyclothymia. Individuals with type I bipolar disorder must experience at least one manic episode followed by a period of depression. People with type II bipolar disorder must experience episodes of hypomania followed by depression. Hypomania is not as severe as mania. The individual may only exhibit impulsive behaviors and high levels of energy. Cyclothymia is a lower level bipolar disorder. The individual will most likely experience only mild depression and hypomania.Mania vs. Depression SymptomsA manic episode is a very agitated state of existence. During the manic phase of bipolar, the individual will have an extremely elevated mood. He or she may engage in risky behaviors such as gambling or having sex with many partners. He or she may also talk frequently, have trouble sleeping, and experience racy thoughts. The individual may also be easily angered and have negative emotional outbursts.Depression is quite the opposite of mania. A bipolar individuals in a depressed state will usually feel worthless and helpless. He or she may have trouble making it to work due to the sadness and lack of energy. The individual may not enjoy normal daily activities. He or she may even choose to sleep all day or ignore hygiene.In order for a doctor to diagnose a person with bipolar disorder, that person must experience both manic and depressive episodes. The doctor is more likely to give a proper diagnosis if the patient visits several times. He or she must also disclose all symptoms to the physician.

What can happen being off bipolar medication and using meth?

Drug use & bipolar disorders are not good. Meth can send the user into a mania, which is followed quickly by deep depression & psychotic symptoms. Bipolar users have very poor impulse control when they are manic. The effect on people with the disorder can be even worse.

Why would a child with Bipolar disorder stab someone?

Anger issues and no self control...