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The patient is also given antibiotics intravenously to prevent infection, and he or she may also receive a tetanus shot, depending on his or her immunization history.

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Q: What medication is a burn victim given to prevent infection?
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Medication for basal pneumonia?

Antibiotics are given, even though the infection is viral, to prevent infection while the body heals.

What are some risks with coronary stenting?

may include infection, damage to the heart or blood vessels, and blood clots. Anticlotting medication is given after stent placement to prevent the risk of blood clots.

What does the word Antibiotic mean?

an antibiotic is a medication given to someone who has some type of infection. it fights the pathogens. =]

What step is sometimes taken to prevent infection prior to otoplasty?

In some cases, plastic surgery is postponed for a few days and the patient is given oral penicillin to prevent infection.

What is antidote for ampicillin?

Ampicillin is an antibiotic, a medication given to fight an infection. As such, it does not have an antidote, since antidotes are only given for poisons or toxic substances.

What should the patient do immediately after a mentoplasty?

Patients should have someone drive them home after the procedure. They are given medication for discomfort and a one-week course of antibiotic medication to reduce the risk of infection.

What to use to treat a toy poodle ear infection?

If you know it has an ear infection for sure, you must have went to a veterinarian, if so, he should of given you some medication. If you haven't been to a vet, you should go.

What is non-PRN medication?

PRN medication is to be given as needed, so non-PRN medication is medication that is to be given on a set schedule.

How do you help a sugar glider with a fungicidal infection?

The sugar glider would need to be seen by an experienced exotic vet, where medication would likely be given.

Why is medication given at pre-set intervals?

why is medication given at set intervals

What is the meaning of antiemetic?

A type of medication given to relieve or prevent nausea and vomiting. Some appetite-enhancing drugs are also used as antiemetics.

What risks from coronary stenting are there?

Any foreign object in the body, like a stent, will increase the risk of thrombosis. Anticlotting medication is given to prevent this complication.