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One of the most prominent factors is genetics, or family history. That's why you hear doctors ask things like 'does heart disease/cancer run in your family?' because if a condition does (and it can be passed genetically) you have a much higher chance of getting that condition.

Another factor is living conditions. People who live in Third World/Developing countries are generally sicker because of their poor living conditions. Now, that could be a bad water supply, poor sewage system, lack of food supply, there's a lot of aspects of it really, but it's all encompassed in living conditions.

Another factor is how healthy you are now. Specifically what I'm talking about is in terms of weight. Obese people have a higher risk for so many things, fromstrokes, heart attacks, really anything that has to do with blood clots, to gout. Being obese is horrible for your body, because it puts so much stress on everything.

There are definitely more medical factors that affect a person's health, but hopefully the prominent ones I've listed above can help you out.

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Q: What medical factors affect your health?
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