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Call a doctor ok cause that isn't too good. im sorry

poor blood flow is the normal case but bruising or broken blood veins as well


if someone takes too much colloidal silver and gets really angry. Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic that some take in suplements. It turns a person blue. When a person gets angry they turn red. There fore a blue skinned angry person turns purple.

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Q: What medical conditions can cause a person to turn purple?
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What medical condition if any is indicated by a person mumbling to themselves?

There are no known medical conditions that cause a person to mumble to themselves. If the mumbling is excessive and interferes with a person's life, they might have a mental illness.

What harm could a mediastinoscopy cause to a person with pre-existing conditions?

Anatomic structures that can be compressed by the mediastinoscope may complicate these pre-existing medical conditions.

What medical conditions cause a person to stay cold all the time?

low blood pressure Anemia, poor circulation.

What medical conditions cause tonic spasms in the hand?

There are several different medical conditions that can cause spasms in the hands. Some of these conditions include thyroid disorders, low vitamin D, pregnancy, hyperventilation, and dehydration.

What is the medical term meaning purple urine?

Your question will have to be more specific. In terms of the actual color, there is no medical terminology. In our hospital, any purple coloration is described as purple. For a specific medical condition, the color purple could indicate a discoloration, which would imply a more technical term pertaining to the ailment.

What medical conditions cause sore feet ?

There are many medical conditions which cause sore feet. It is recommended that one sees a doctor with new or unusual pain. After an examination and assessment, the doctor will offer advice or treatment options if it is necessary.

What are some medical conditions that could cause steatorrhea?

There are multiple things that can cause steatorrhea. A person taking weight loss drugs may experience this as a symptom. As well, people with lower fats and enzymes can experience this.Lipase deficiency

How short are you to be a dwarf?

"Dwarf" just means that the person is short and that their height is caused by a medical condition. However, there are many different medical conditions that can cause dwarfism. If children lack enough Human Growth Hormone, they may be dwarfs but that doesn't cause unusual body proportions. Certain genetic conditions can cause lack of growth of the long bones of the body, resulting in dwarfs that have short legs and arms relative to their torso. If a person is 4' 8" but they are just short, without any specific medical cause, then they are not a dwarf. However a person who is 4' 9" due to a genetic disorder is a dwarf. Many people prefer the term "little person" to "dwarf". "Dwarf" may be seen as inflammatory in some contexts.

Why do your hands keep shaking?

There are several conditions that can cause hand tremors. 1. Anxiety. If you are anxious about something, nervous, frightened or otherwise have an elevated adrenalin level, your hands are likely to shake. 2. Medical conditions. Parkinson's disease, alcoholic "DT's", and other medical conditions can cause hand tremors. If your condition is not caused by anxiety, contact a medical professional for help with the tremors.

If my parents had a hard time getting pregnant, will I?

Without knowing your mothers medical history it is challenging to answer this question. Some medical conditions are passed on and can cause infertility. Speak to your parents and ask about any medical conditions that could have prevented their timely pregnancy.

What medical conditions cause hands and feet to fall asleep?

Anything that could cause poor blood circulation, even hypertension or anemia.

What would be the cause of burpping for hours?

Nervous habits or some medical conditions, such as an ulcer or a gallbladder problem.