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chest compression

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Q: What measures are initiated to try to reverse cardiac arrest?
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What measure are initiated to try to reverse cardiac arrest?

chest compression

What type of cardiac arrest did Michael Jackson endure?

cardiac arrest:((

Can cats get a cardiac arrest?

Yes, cats can suffer from cardiac arrest.

How does cardiac arrest happen?

Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone of any age.

What Cardiac arrest?

Cardiac Arrest is when there is tremendous heart failure. (Heart Attack)

What is the scientific name for Cardiac Arrest?

The scientific name for Cardiac Arrest is HI!

Does dilatation of pupil occur in cardiac arrest?

yes your pupils get dialted during cardiac arrest.

When was Cardiac Arrest - song - created?

Cardiac Arrest - song - was created on 1982-02-12.

When was Cardiac Arrest - album - created?

Cardiac Arrest - album - was created on 1977-06-29.

How can you revive a patient from cardiac arrest?

cardiopulmonary resuscitation is the most effective treatment for cardiac arrest.

What is cardiac rest?

its not cardiac rest, its cardiac ARREST. which is a heart attack.

What is the duration of Cardiac Arrest TV series?

The duration of Cardiac Arrest - TV series - is 1800.0 seconds.