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Q: What makes your legs go to sleep every time on the toilet?
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What causes your legs to fall a sleep?

when your legs are crossed that causes your blood circulation to block and that makes your legs to fall asleep. so no more crossing your it.

Which way should I sit on the toilet?

Legs on the other side of the toilet lid.

Asynchronous jerks of legs at sleep onset?

what is asynchronous jerking of legs and head at sleep onset

Why do your legs hurt when you sleep?

Your legs may hurt when you sleep because you are experiencing growing pains. You may also have restless leg syndrome which can cause sore legs.

Does horse sleep on 3 legs?

Yes, it will actually dose standing on three legs. But for real REM sleep, they lay down in recumbancy or out on their sides.

When you lay down for sleep at night you immediately started feeling uneasyness in both legs and It is so severe that you cant sleep What is the proble?

It takes several hours when uneasiness of my legs normlize then go to sleep

How does a cow sleep?

Cows sleep lying with their front feet folded under and their back legs tucked under them, but so that either the left or right hip is resting on the ground (which ever side they prefer to lay on). They will either sleep with their head on the ground pointing towards their rear, or stretch out on their sides and sleep with their feet splayed out. Cows doze on their feet as they are chewing their cud, but they never sleep on their feet as their legs cannot lock like horses' do; plus their legs take a lot of weight, which makes it a very good excuse to lay down to rest for a while.

How do you cure hyper-pigmentation in legs?

Go to sleep retards...

What do tadpoles sleep on?

They live in water. until they grow legs.

What makes you fast?

Your legs

Do girls sit on the toilet with legs held close together?

Some girls may choose to sit on the toilet with their legs held close together, while others may sit with their legs spread apart. Each person's preference may vary based on comfort, habit, or personal choice.

Where did free running come from?

Running came from when a man needed to go to the toilet and discorved he had legs !