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if you are going somewhere where you are nervous like a swimming carnival or a speech in front of your whole school a simple way to mend a nervous tummy is to grad a few of you favourite smells and get the liquid out of them is they are solid and put them on a piece of paper or anything else that is easy to fold up and every time you get scared or nervous smell the sent and you will feel better.

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Getting lots of rest can make you feel better when you're sick

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Q: What makes you feel better when you're sick?
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Why does toast make you feel better when you are sick?

It makes you feel better because bread is good for you when your sick

Does weed make you feel sick?

no it doesnt it makes u feel better when your not sick so smoke it all the time hell yeah

What is the use of soda?

we use soda for a drink, along for when you get sick, if you drink it warm, it makes you feel better

Does milk make you sicker?

It depends on what you are sick with, personally when I am sick with a stomach ache i drink milk and it makes me feel better because of the thickness it goes in your stomach and coats it and makes it feel better, unless you are lactose and tolerant or if you drink skim milk then it won't coat your stomach because it is not thick

Is it safe to smoke weed when sick?

Usually it makes you feel better but with a bad throat coughing will make you hurt bad

Does working out when you are sick make you feel better?

In some cases working out when you are sick makes you feel better, but in other cases, it would not.

Iv been feeling sick a lot im never sick but feel that if you were sick i would feel better everything elce is normal help?

well first hello! when you feel sick your bady is trying to get rid of something this might be anything. if you are sick then you will defantly feel better as you have got rid of the thing that was making you feel unwell, as it is no longer there! you now the old saying better out then in !!!!

Does running make you feel better if your sick?

Yes and no i depends on how sick you are.

What is a dismissal lie?

denying what someone believes to be true...ex: "Mommy, I feel sick." "No you don't, youre fine."

How does the old moose feel about his son's CD of hard rock hits?

"it makes moose sick"

Can air conditioning units make you feel sick?

rarely. most of the time they make u feel better if u feel sick.

What makes lizards get better if there sick?