What makes women to cry in a catfight?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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A catfight can potentially be both an emotional, aggressive, and distressing experience for a woman to have. There may come a point where the discomfort and emotional distress becomes too much for one woman as her opponent gains the upper hand by causing discomfort or insult to the point where it overloads the emotional stamina of her opponent causing her to cry in desperation and surrender.

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I think its because they have nothing else to say or do. They can't punch because they dont want to make themselves look like fools. They cant scratch at them 'cus it will leave a mark on the others skin. So, their only defense is to slap.. not causing any mark (except redness) on the other persons face.

Thats my best bet.

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Q: What makes women to cry in a catfight?
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