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There are many character traits in people, for example:

You can observe variety of people in your life with the following attitudes that build up their character and tends them to behave in a particular manner. In fact our attitude dominates our actions and later on it becomes a character:

People can be-







self centered and many more types that makes their character.

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Genetics play a part in a person's character, how that person is raised by his/her parents, their beliefs, honesty or dishonesty, trustworthiness, dependability, how they treat others, how they live in general, morals.

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well if it is a guy its probly a boner

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Q: What makes up a person's character?
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Character is the qualities a person has which makes up their personality but usually refers to qualities such as honesty or courage.Temperance is to have self restraint or control.So a person's temperance makes up part of their character.

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It builds up confidence, makes you fit and makes you more sociable.

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attitude, your behavour towards something will determine what type of a person you are.

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A trait is generally something that is inherited from your biological family through genetics, such as eye color. A characteristic is usually something that is unique to the individual, such as sense of humor or the way someone dresses. Traits are generaly physical while your character is more your personality

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Personality is the main element that affects your character. Personality traits are actions, behaviors, and the certain attitude that you possess. Different personality traits can have a big impact on your individual character.