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Hydrogen and oxygen............. H2O

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Q: What makes two elements make up water?
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What two elements makes time?

No elements make time.

What elements are combined to make up water?

two elements hydrogen and oxygen is used to make water i.e H2O . there are two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen

What elements makes up compound?

two or more different elements

What element has water in it?

Water is a coumpound made up of two elements, hydrogen and oxygen, which makes the most basic unit of water a molecule, not an atom, which is the most basic form of an elements, so no elements contain water.

How many elements make up your water molecule?

Two elements, two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom

What two non metallic elements make water?

Hydrogen and Oxygen make H2O

What two elements make up molecule of water?

A molecule of water, which has the formula H2O, is made up of the elements hydrogen and oxygen.

Which two elements combine chemically to make water?

Hydrogen and Oxygen.

How are the properties of water different from the two elements that make it up?


What elements combined makes water?

Hydrogen and Oxygen.A water molecule is made of two hydrogen and one oxygen atom.

Why is water h2o moleculeconsidered to be a compound?

The water molecule contains two different elements chemically combined, which makes it a compound. A compound is a pure substance that contains two or more different elements chemically combined.

What elements make up water vapor?

one oxygen two hydrogen