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Relationships are long lasting if there is trust, compatibility, and strong feelings of love and commitment. If you feel truly connected to the person you are able to be yourself, allowing you to share experiences and have fun together.

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Q: What makes a relationship so fun and long lasting?
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How do you get a long lasting relationship?

you gotta be nice, caring, and always smile. be fun if the person is fun. if the person says they like you dont say yes or i like you too, just smile. treat out to dinner. :)

What are adjectives of tennis?

fun, tiring, long-lasting

Why do you have to suffer in a relationship?

If you are sufering in the relationship and are not having any fun then you should break it off and find someone who always makes you happy even if you fight!

What do you do if the guy your in love with is in juvinille detention?

You need to ask yourself about this relationship. "Bad" boys can be fun, but for a long term commitment they get a little wearing. Is he selfish? Does he try to control you? Why is he in detention? Was it violent? Drugs? Stealing? Does he lie to you? If you can answer yes to any of these ( be truthful with yourself) you need to get out of the relationship. You may love him, but love isn't enough for something long lasting. You will get over the hurt and can move on to someone who is better to be with.

What is the secret to have a long lasting relationship?

I don't know much about this relationship thing, but i think that if you talk to them, not just through text & whatever, about everything. because if you want to know something, you need to make them feel that your comfortable around them. & hang out with them, you don't have to makeout with em, just have fun, watch a movie, go out to eat. it's simple (:

Do i trust my boyfriend even though that we are in a long distant relationship?

If you really love & trust him then yes, it's more romantic when you're in a long distant relationship. You can have fun with it.

Are smart but immature teen girls capable of being in a long term relationship?

As long as they are willing to grow as the relationship does then yes. If they are stuck in the present and want to just have fun, then maybe. If they are stubborn and refuse to even try to change for the relationship then no.

Are Santa Cruz Skateboards good decks and long lasting?

YES! I own a Santa Cruz Screaming Hand skateboard and it's fast, lasts long, durable, fun, and easy to do tricks with!

Would most women mind dating an unattractive male if he caters for all their other needs etc etc?

yes.. I know this because I dated a guy that was not very attractive but he loved me and he did everything for all my needs... and as long as we had stuff in common and told the truth and spent time together and had fun and stayed loyal we stayed in a long lasting relationship.

What tells you the reason for teasing?

when someone that's a meany makes fun of you when someone that's a meany makes fun of you when someone that's a meany makes fun of you when someone that's a meany makes fun of you

How to have a fun relationship?

Answergo to the movies,go to the beach,have fun

How can you tell your boyfriend is using you for sex when your in a long distance relationship?

* Unfortunately that's the price some people pay for long distance relationships. Having a long distance relationship takes courage; trust; honesty and good communication skills. It is human nature that two people want to see each other and touch each other and have fun together. There is a low percentage of people that have lasting long distance relationships. If you are in doubt then the next time you see him look him in the eyes and ask him if he is using you for sex or if he is cheating on you. If your instincts tell you he is then trust in yourself.