What makes a girl smile?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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Make her laugh, compilent her tell her she has a beautiful smile (then she'll smile) say she has pretty eyes or just smile at her. Tell her you love her, only if you do its worst to tell someone you do and then when she finds out it's heart breakinggg!

But make sure everything you say you mean it treat her like a princess and just be yourself, if you don't act like yourself then she's not fancying you she's loving the boy who your trying to be,

hope this help<3

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Q: What makes a girl smile?
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Guys only what makes you smile?

A girl smiling at me.

How do you make Nick Jonas Smile?

You Make him smile by being yourself around him that really makes him interesed in a girl.

What does he look for in a girl Justin Bieber?

he searches for a girl that has a great personality, that makes him laugh and a good smile!

What makes a thirteen year old boy smile?

a cute girl A Girlfriend

Can you be the one for Justin Bieber?

it depends he likes a girl with a good smile and that makes him laugh

Is it possible for a shy girl to have a smile of accomplishment even in a situation that normally makes her nervous?

totally depends on the girl- yes

How do you pick up the hottest girl in school?

Tell her something funny to make her laugh. A girl always likes someone who makes her smile.

Do boys like to see a girl smile?

They love the girl smile It brings shine,confidence,great personalty,boys get CRAZY for a girl to smile at them

What does harry styles love in a girl that makes him want to date her?

Harry love a girl that has a pretty smile and and cool sense of humor and that talks to him and makes him feel comfortable around and that isn't that serious.

What is reflective smile?

I believe that a reflective smile is the kind of smile that makes you smile when you see it.

How would you get Justin Bieber to go out with you?

well he said in a you tube video that he likes a girl with a good smile and a girl that makes him laugh all he wants to be is be happy

What is the meaning of Que hace tu sonreir in English?

that makes you smile that makes you smile