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  • Being yourself, honest boys like that they like a girl who is not afraid to do anything. But other boys are very picky so they like girls who have big tops or bottoms
  • HORMONES! One word that is another reason why they like girls. And like th other answer said some boys are picky and some are not. Some like Big tops others like big bottoms...Others like both.
  • well im a boy and i like girls who are funny and happy alot. hope that helps.
  • Of course looks make the first attraction, and every boy has different preferences here. The second one that makes boys like even girls without looks is as said before personality. In personality, boys will like girls that are similar to themselves most. So loud boys will most likely prefer loud girls while shy boys will like shy girls. Exceptions do exist of course.
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The girl just probably likes the boy herself, whatever reason. :}

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they want a good looking guy but who is also a gentleman.

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Q: What makes a girl fall in love with a boy?
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