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your coughing dude cool

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Q: What make a feeling funny in your throat?
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What is the duration of That Funny Feeling?

The duration of That Funny Feeling is 1.55 hours.

When was That Funny Feeling created?

That Funny Feeling was created on 1965-08-25.

What causes a fuzzy throat feeling?

A "fuzzy" throat can have many causes. Allergies can cause your throat to feel fuzzy due to postnasal drip, or strep throat can begin with a fuzzy feeling in your throat.

What is the funny feeling by your private part mean?

The funny feeling is sexual. No feeling is funnier. It means (I would guess) that you are in puberty.

What condition will cause your horse to make funny noises when he is breathing?

mostly infections\diseases of the lungs and throat.

Why does your funny bone have a funny feeling when you bump it?

because its your funny bone.funny hey!

When my nose is clogged with mucus when why does it sometimes make a funny noise and feeling?

It makes a funny noise because of there being a small space to squeeze air through your nose. The feeling is because it moves, which tickles your nose hairs.

Why do you get a tickle feeling in your throat when you eat ice cream?

it is the way it slides against your throat

Why does the funny bone tingle when you hit it?

Well your funny bone is in your elbow area and it has multiple nerve endings. The funny feeling could be pain, or a tickling feeling!

What causes symptoms of sore throat with horse voice and swollen neck gland and feeling like you have something in your throat?

sturck throat

What are the ratings and certificates for That Funny Feeling - 1965?

That Funny Feeling - 1965 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G Finland:S Sweden:Btl West Germany:12

Why do they call your funny bone a funny bone if it isn't funny when you hit?

Its funny for EVERYBODY ELSE!!!!! plus when it goes away its tingly and ticklish feeling!!