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2 degree burns may not be painful

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Q: What level of burn may not be painful?
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Would a second degree burn be painful?

Yes a second degree burn is painful. They burn damages your nerve cells.

Are tattoos painful?

tattoos arent really painful they burn more than anything they're not that bad

How painful is fire burn in a person?

well a fire can be as hot as 1000°C so being on fire or being burned in a fire is so painful that you would be severely burned (3rd Degree Burn) which is the worst burn

Joe just got burned on a hot pot A blister forms and the burn is painful Joe's burn is most likely a?

2nd degree burn

What is a galvanic burn?

Its looks like a dark grey spot, and is very painful. It is a vary severe burn, but does not occur very often.

How may calories do need to burn per day?

It depends upon your weight, food intake, and exercise level. Ideally, you want to burn the same amount that you consume.

What is the description of a moderate or second-degree burn?

Second-Degree (Moderate)The burned area is painful. The underskin is affected. Blisters may form. The area may have a wet, shiny appearance because of exposed tissue.

Should you go to the hospital for 2nd degree burn its very painful?

yes you should.

Can high uric acid in blood cause painful urination and slow pains in the urethra?

It could cause discomfort, if the level becomes too concentrated. However, if it is seriously painful, it may be an infection or other causes, and shouldconsult a GP.

What causes a painful popped blister on nose?

usually heat, or a burn. it could ALSO be caused by frostbite.

What would people do to witches?

the would either get hung or they would burn the witches. Very painful deaths

You Burned your hand on a hot glue gun and it won't stop burning it is very painful?

Yes, very painful try not to touch the sides or metal part or you wil get a burn mark!