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choroid layer

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Q: What layer of the eye absorbs stray light rays?
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What layer absorbs uva rays?


How does the stratospheric ozone layer protect the biosphere?

The stratospheric ozone protects the biosphere. It absorbs the UV rays of the sun.

What does he ozone layer do?

Ozone layer in stratosphere absorbs the UV rays. These UV rays are fatal for life on earth.

What gas is responsible for absorbing the uv rays?

The gas that absorbs UV rays is ozone. This is present as ozone layer in the atmosphere.

Which layer absorbs UVrays?

Ozone layer does. It has a special property of absorbing CFC's.

Which layer of the earth absorbs ultraviolent rays?

Ozone layer protects us from the UV rays. It acts as a protective shield.

Which layer abords harmful rays from the sun?

Ozone in the stratospheric region absorbs the UV rays. It is present as the ozone layer.

What does the ozone layer absorb?

Ultra Violet light (UV) light or also known as the suns harmful rays or suns rays

Which gas absorbs ultraviolet waves?

Ozone absorbs UV rays. It is present as ozone layer.

What upper layer traps ozone?

The upper layer of ozone absorbs the UV rays. These are high energy UV radiations.

What layer of the atmosphere the ozone layer is present and absorbs harmful sun rays?

Sun rays that are harmful are protected by the ozone layer. This layer is a boon to the organisms of the earth.

How ozone layer block the ultraviolet radiations?

Ozone layer absorbs the UV rays. These are UV rays that are harmful to life on earth.