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The most common weapon and also recreational tool would be the slingshot

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Q: What kinds of choctaw weapons are there?
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What is found inside a choctaw home?

Inside a choctaw house ther are cooking utencils, weapons, baskets, clay pots, and tools all of which belong to the woman of the family.

How was barb wire used in World War 1?

weapons, but i don't know what kinds of weapons.

What kinds of weapons did the blackfoot use?

They used spears and bow and arrows. They also used other weapons.

Where is the Choctaw Library in Choctaw located?

The address of the Choctaw Library is: 2525 Muzzy, Choctaw, 73020 0020

Choctaw how can you tell that you is a choctaw Indian?

If your mother or father are Choctaw, than you are Choctaw.

How many kinds of weapons were used in the American revolution?


What kinds weapons did the dersert southwest Indians make?

spears ,

What kinds of weapons did Egyptian kings use.?

they used whips.

What is another name for the choctaw Indians?

The Choctaw Indians are also known simply as the Choctaw or Chahta.

How is the making of weapons need math?

well the making of weapons requires math because the amount of somthing is crucial to what ever kinds of weapons your making

What was choctaw housing?

of what is do the Choctaw house

What kinds of weapons did the battle of somme use?

they would have used rifles