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There is nothing truly proven to make you taller and it mostly depends on your genes. Although during puberty if you eat well and exercise you may grow more than you would of you sat at home and did nothing.

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Q: What kind of ways can make you taller?
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Ways to make you taller?

heels if your a girl

What are the ways of getting taller at the age of 16?

only God can make you get taller! Loving your size is all you can do!

When was Taller in More Ways created?

Taller in More Ways was created on 2005-10-31.

How can one find information on how to get taller?

There are no ways to become truly taller if one is not already tall. One could artificially make themselves taller by wearing high heeled shoes or boots.

Does food make you taller?

no food does not make you taller

How do you appear shorter?

Ways that make you appear shorter is slouching, slouching will make you appear shorter so if you stand straiter you will appear taller

What are some ways to be taller?

wear heels To become taller, try swimming which is a good option.

Which kind of elephant is taller?


If you skateboard does it make you taller?

Skateboarding will not make you taller. It might make you skinnier or help you lose weight, but if you are not still growing, you won't get any taller.

What kind of vitamin should I take to become taller I'm 28 years old?

Nothing you eat, drink, take will make you taller. The height you are is what you will be the rest of your life at 28. Get higher heels.

Does basketball let you grow?

What kind of question is this ofcourse not it may get you in shape with all the running but it does not make you drown taller in anyway

Can pudding make you taller?

Yes, pudding can make you taller. I am not sure how and why, but I heard it and looked it up and yes, it makes you taller. Also I had some and I grew, like an inch taller. So if you want to grow taller, eat pudding! :)