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He or she begins urinating, letting the first portion pass into the toilet, then collecting the remainder into a sterile container.

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I believe this question is "tested most frequently when collected from the patient?" ?? If that is the case then I would say the Answer is Pregnancy and Drugs, almost equally.

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Q: What kind of specimen is most frequently collected urine from the patient?
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When should a urine specimen be collected for pregnancy test?

When you are at the doctors office.

A Urine sample collected after a meal is called?

2-hour postprandial specimen

What is meant by cath spec?

A "cath spec" is a catheterized urine specimen. Most urine specimens are voided specimens when the patient attempt to collect the urine while voiding. The risk of contaminating a voided specimen, with skin bacteria, is high even when the patient is careful. Therefore, a catheterized urine specimen is considered a reliable urine sample.

What does the medical abbreviation cath spec mean?

Cath spec is short for catheter specimen, a urine specimen collected by inserting a tube through the urethra into the bladder.

How is potassium collected?

A sample is collected through the urine. The specimen collection is called a '24 hour' collection, according to this website. I hypothesize that this period of time is a gestation period to allow the potassium in the urine to either grow or 'collect'; however, one must ask how the potassium is stored for this period. In refrigeration, or room temperature?

How do you collect a urine sample?

Urine is typically collected in a cup, for ambulatory patients, or with a catheter or indwelling cath for in-patients. The urine is sent to the lab and a tox screen is performed. Note that, in cases of drug testing, collection of the urine is at times officially witnessed in order to prevent substitution.

Testing of what body fluids can confirm a measles diagnosis?

If there is any doubt as to the diagnosis, then a specimen of body fluids (mucus, urine) can be collected and combined with fluorescent-tagged measles virus antibodies.

Which type of urine specimen is needed to detect an infection?

Typically midstream urine is taken as a urinary specimen, when you have urinary tract infection. It is good precaution to scrub the genital area with some mild soap like glycerin soap, before you take the urine specimen.

What patient need to do before the urinarysis?

For a basic urinalysis, there is no preparation needed. For a "clean catch" specimen, the patient urinates for a few seconds, and then collects the sample. For females, the area should be cleaned first with a provided wipe and for uncircumcised men, the foreskin should be retracted with the same cleaning done to the glans of the penis (the head). Certain STD tests can be run off the urine sample, but for this, the patient should not have urinated in at least 1 hour and the urine collected is the first urine out of the urethra (not a clean catch as described above). Other tests off the urine such as glucose tests require drinking certain fluids prior to the test, but those are outside the realm of the basic urinalysis.

Is a microbiology test done with a urine specimen?

yes, example of urine culture and sensitivity.

Will taking lasix help remove phentermine from urine specimen?

Taking Lasix or other diuretics will not removed phentermine from a urine specimen. It will not change the half-life of the phentermine.

What is the preferred urine specimen for microscopic examination of urine sediment?

Using a standardized Urinalysis System