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Q: What kind of men are always above board?
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Why were men always vicars?

Tradition... it used to be that women were not allowed to be vicars Logically the question should have been asked the other way round (Why were vicars always men?), since the wording above implies that all men were vicars at one period.

How many men where on the HMS victory?

At full complement there would have been 875 men on board. At the time of Trafalgar there were only 820 on board.

How many men on board the Titanic?


How many people lived on HMS victory?

At full complement there would have been 875 men on board. At Trafalgar, there were only 820 men on board.

How many men where on board the German ships when they attacked curacao?

4800 men on the ships

You are a kind very giving very devoted woman however you always seem to be taken advantage of by men why?

Because you let them. You are too trusting.

What is In the Elizabethan chain of being men are above whom on every level?

Men are above women in the Elizabethan chain.

How many men where on board the titanic?

I have NO idea but a lottttt

What did huck tell the men who men looking for runaway slaves?

He told the men that his father, mother, and sister were on board the raft.

Why are DJs always men?

They aren't always men. There are women who are DJ's. Gender has nothing to do with the job.

What is the history of the men's tie?

didnt always have one but when it came out it was the little bow type now u may wear it anywhere and its kind of fashionable.

What kind of men want a Valentine's Day gift?

the kind of men who want a valentines gift has to men ethier gay or sesative