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They invented flying machines

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Q: What kind of medicine did he invent?
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How did the ancient Greeks' invent medicine?

They invented medicine BY... Inventing medicine

What year did Romans invent medicine?

The Romans did not invent medicine. Forms of medicine already existed in the Mesopotamian civilisations and in Egypt and Greece. There were also forms of ancient medicine in India, China and other parts of the word.

What medicine did florence nightingale invent and when?


What medicine did the Romans invent?

not sure maybe calpol

What type of medicine did the Greeks invent?

It was created in 500 bc

How do doctors invent medicines?

Doctors invent medicine by first trying to find the disease or sickness weakness. Or some made some medicine by accident or by testing different ingredients together. Acually most medicine made long ago wasn't what it they wanted it to be or cure!!

Did Leonardo invent the parachute?

A kind of.

What kind of things did the Neanderthals invent?


Why did george w. carver invent the peanut butter?

At first it was invented for medicine.

What did rebecca cole invent or discover that was important to the world?

she invented medicine or you can she discovered it

Who was the father of medicine who invented hygiene?

Hippocrates is usually considered to be the father of western medicine. While he recognized the value of hygiene, he did not invent it.

Did Florence Nightingale invent anything?

she invented medicine that cured the ill .. it was called florence